In 1983, as a 16yr old cabinet maker's apprentice, I have Thomas Bennett of Millfied, Ohio to thank for sharing his hard earned knowledge of the craft. Work with many others in a variety of production settings around the US plus 3yrs of study and 4yrs employment at CU Boulder's College of Arch. and Planning ultimately forged a uniquely skilled journeyman. Since the "Great recession of 2008", I'm typically hired as a web developer, programmer and marketing consultant.

Skills and Tools

Design Development
Sketch Up - 3D modeling for precision stick by stick virtual project builds that offer presentation and exploded view renderings.
Photoshop for image integration/enhancements/optimization, drawing layouts for 11x17 printing and or large format printing.
Adobe premiere pro video software for model walkthroughs and project presentations.
Design Presentation
PDF or TIFF formatted imagery for electronic or print distribution.
Website with private access for bid proposals, design review, project planning and sub-contractor support.
Website with public access for client communications and community information.
Web applications for project management (see, cut billing, cost estimating, billing, change orders, etc.
Construction documents prepared as 11x17 drawing stacks organized by build component for distribution.
Process and Organization
Taxonony development to establish consistent and robust naming conventions.
Workflow analysis and optimization to improved efficiencies and reduce errors.

Work and Projects History

2006-08 Phyllis Morris Originals - West Hollywood, CA
Design Engineer -3D models exploded to renderconstruction drawings supporting designs for exclusive clientelle by Jamie Adler, Diane Russel, Roy Sklarin and Amanda Borinstein.
1985-2008 Self Employed Contractor
Jack of all trades - Custom cabinets, furniture, interior trim, kitchens, decks, bathrooms, framing, drywall, retail display display, catalyzed acrylic painting, prototyping and project management.
1997-2001 University of Colorado College of Architecture and Planning
Laboratory Coordinator II - Program director and facilities manager of architectural model maker's wood shop accessible to 700 students.
1993-94 Design Fabricators - Gunbarrel, CO
Bench Leadman - Casework for Starbucks, Bodyshop, and Boston Market.
1992-93 Watson Mills - La Fayette, CO
Machineman - Parts and millwork production for "Hala Ranch" in Aspen, CO. The 56,000 square foot home built for Prince Bandar bin Sultan was purchased for $49,000,000 by John Paulson in 2012.
1991-92 Lee's Custom Woodwork - Denver, CO
Cabinetmaker Installer - Casework for commercial tenant finish.
1988-88 Monolith Construction - Atlanta, GA
Plastic Laminate and Framer - Interiors for Bank of America